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We are an established community based enterprise that supports individual needs


Business Services : Enabling Vulnerable People : Counselling Services : Wellbeing


Teamwork Trust provide a programme of services and activities for:-

  • Adults with short/long term mental health needs;
  • Adults with learning difficulties;
  • Adults with physical disabilities.

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 by Teamwork Trust

The individual can access our Enabling, Education, Activities and Counselling Programmes

to help achieve their goals, maintain well-being and increase skills.

We offer a friendly, supportive environment

where people can make new friends and regain self-esteem and confidence.

Our Integrated Programmes include:-

  • Work based & Volunteering activities;
  • Accredited and non-accredited learning through educational groups;
  • Social activities promoting a work/life balance;
  • Counselling.

Outsourcing services for local businesses include:-

  • Assembly
  • Packing
  • Re-work.

Teamwork Trust's person-centred approach

All staff are person-centred in their approach which underpins our ethos of promoting individual development with an emphasis on friendship, understanding and support.

We offer assessment, measurement and evaluation tools that can assist in developing plans and monitoring progress against personal aims or those agreed through the 'self-directed payment' or 'personalised budget' system. This can be invaluable as evidence of the effective spend of individual budgets which may be subject to a review process.

The environment, whilst supportive and caring, is business oriented, generating income through contracts with the private sector which is invested into the Programmes for members, adding the appropriate level of challenge to facilitate the individual's development.


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