Why Teamwork needs your help either by Taking Part or Simply Donating

Every day, Teamwork Trust helps people with learning difficulties and mental health issues to live their lives with independence, pride and a real sense of worth.

We care and are passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to the same chances, choices and opportunities and we embrace and celebrate individual needs and abilities.

Attending Teamwork lets individuals access our Enabling, Education, Activities and Counselling Programmes to help achieve their goals, maintain wellbeing and increase skills.

£500 min sponsorship to take part in the jump

Skydive at 13,000 feet (approx. 2miles high!!)

50 seconds of free falling

Reach speeds of over 120mph 

5-7 minute parachute flight (enjoying the breath-taking views)

20 minute training briefing 

Min. age 16 (with parent/guardian consent)

Max. weight 17 stone (male) 15.7 stone (female)