Outsourcing work to Teamwork Trust makes business sense

Robert Hancock, Operations Manager of Elba Ltd which has premises in Wellingborough, is a huge supporter. Elba Ltd company outsources work to Teamwork Trust and in 2017 he will be taking part in the Great North Run to raise funds for our charity.

Rob explains: “Teamwork Trust and Elba have been working in partnership for about five years. Elba Ltd and our parent company have set very deliberate objectives regarding social and community development. Working with Teamwork Trust offers the unique opportunity of local sourcing at competitive rates as well as meeting the requirements of those objectives.

"We get good service, good quality and competitive rates. When we communicate to the members about their performance I can see the members taking the ownership of the products and the processes and it seems to be very rewarding. This working relationship is a very special partnership and I can see it continuing for many years to come.

"On a personal level Teamwork has become something that is now very close to my heart. I know that every penny raised will be spent wisely and will help to make a big difference to the lives of those people who will use the service and facilities in the future."

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