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Hike 4 Harry - 2019

Health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on physical exercise and walking, was central to Harry’s life – and continues to be for his family who recognise the positive impact exercise makes to mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Harry loved little more than to walk his dog every day, enjoy the fresh air and meet and chat to people.

To raise the awareness of (and funds for) Harry’s Fund (and the need that it plugs) Harry’s dad David Chadwick is doing a Hike 4 Harry in July 2019.

Over six days he will be walking 177 miles and climbing more than the height of Mount Everest - from Prestatyn in North Wales to Chepstow in south wales. This will take David over the Clwydian Mountains and Brecon Beacons.

The National Trails association recommends 12-14 days for this route. David, with his Airedale dog Nelly, will be doing it in 6 days – staying in camp sites and lodgings along the way.

For each day of the hike David will be promoting a different message about disability – to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities people living with disabilities face. These will include:
Transition – the importance of supporting people through different stages of their lives, eg from school into the wider community and work
Funding – why this is so central to giving people with disabilities choice and the difficulties people have under continuing cuts.
Employment – people with disabilities have the right to work, but many don’t – they need support in the workplace.

Hike 4 Harry – how others are getting involved

Harry’s family are appealing for others to hold their own Hike 4 Harry – and there are already a number of people, schools and organisations holding their own mini ‘Hikes 4 Harry’ this year.

Everyone taking part will take photos, raise money, and join the Harry’s Fund community.
Harry’s family are putting together a Hike 4 Harry Toolkit – to inspire others to join in the hike. To raise awareness for Harry’s Fund and also to raise awareness about disability. Watch this space but in the meantime please do start getting involved.

To set up your own fundraising page  Click  Hike4Harry

david chadwick