13th November 2018: Vulnerable adults in Northamptonshire had their voices heard during the unveiling a thought-provoking art project by a disabled artist.

Northamptonshire charity, Teamwork Trust, have been working with artist Jason Wilsher-Mills on the year-long ‘Corby Totems’ project – two eye-catching sculptures which use ground-breaking digital art, music, lights, voiceovers and animated movies based around ideas including Doctor Who, the Titanic and well-known London landmarks.

The exhibition – which is being supported by Made in Corby, Arts Council England and The Mighty Creative, and is the biggest funded project in the UK for an individual artist – was launched to over 120 guests during a prestigious red carpet event at the Savoy Cinema, Corby on Monday 12th November.

Jason, who is a wheelchair user with chronic polyneuropathy and chronic fatigue syndrome from Sleaford said: “This ambitious digital art project represents different aspects of the disabled community and I wanted to give the groups I have worked with a night to remember as a thank you for all their incredible creative input. Public sculpture is generally based on the able-bodied and that made this launch even more inspiring as it put those with the quietest voices under the spotlight for all the right reasons. I simply made the sculptures based on their ideas so it is really their art which is why the celebration was all about them.”

During the event guests got to view the two hand painted, fibreglass Corby Totems sculptures – named ‘Princess’ and ‘Rocker’ – up close and took part in the interactive BETA technology and augmented reality using mobile phones and devices. A moving video documentary made by Know Media about the project and newly commissioned music written and performed by the groups with Notivate were also played at the event.

Teamwork Trust members had been treated to a day of celebration in the lead-up to the evening event, with a beauty and pamper session at Tresham College before getting ready as a group at The Holiday Inn, Corby.

Victoria Bell, Head of Development, Teamwork Trust said: “There were so many poignant moments for our members in the lead-up and during the launch, and they have some fantastic memories of this special day and the year. We always knew it would be wonderful experience working with Jason, but he surpassed all our expectations by giving our members access to incredible opportunities. We have all been inspired beyond belief by his passion and commitment, and there was not a dry eye in the room when he played the documentary about the project. We know this is not goodbye and we can’t wait to continue our involvement with Jason’s work – this is just the beginning.”

An official launch of Corby Totems for members of the public will take place in January at Rooftop Arts Centre. 

 Listen to the Music - Really Good Company

Written and performed by members of Teamwork Trust in Corby & John Bowman from Notivate, UK, as part of the “Corby Totems” project, led by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills