Alison Taylor Burt, Head of Finance and Infrastructure

Alison started working at Teamwork Trust in 2015 when the charity’s turnover was £400,000 a year. Now at over £1m and with increasing financial demands in the sector, Alison’s role to ensure that all money is spent effectively is as important as ever.

“The huge jump in turnover demonstrates just how much we have grown in a very short space of time and has had a massive impact on the infrastructure and the way we operate as an organisation,” said Alison. “How we gain and manage our funding, our legal requirements as a charity and many other aspects of our finances had to change and my job has changed significantly over time as a result. Teamwork had not had a qualified management accountant before I started, so I have been able to play a big part in developing better processes over the last few years so that we are a truly financially viable organisation. With the charity sector continuing to face massive funding demands, Teamwork is now in a strong position.”

Alison, who has worked in other sectors and for multinational organisations, is responsible for monthly staff payroll, the weekly expenses of service-users, weekly supplier invoicing and payments, fundraising processes and many other financial responsibilities.

“Reporting and forecasting is also an important aspect of my job. Our trustees need to understand where we are at commercially, so I create quarterly reports. I am also heavily involved in our funding bids too, reporting financial successes to funders and ensuring that we don’t commit to projects which are not financially sustainable.”