Writing for my Wellbeing

Martin Bellamy started attending counselling sessions at Teamwork Wellingborough in October 2018. He came with a view to addressing issues from his past. To try and understand more about himself and his background.
In 2004 he suffered a serious accident at work which left him housebound. With a young family to support it was a very difficult and scary time. He went from being the main provider in a secure job to feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.
It was during this extended period of enforced leave that he started to write, as a means of preserving his own sanity as much as anything. He felt confident that eventually his body would heal to a large extent but the mental scarring would be far worse. Thankfully he has made a good recovery physically but the mental health issues are still prevalent.
Martin found it far easier to put his thoughts down on paper rather than speaking out. By processing things in his own mind he found comfort and a release in his writing. Today he finds the writing much easier and tries to write something every day.
Initially he was very private about his writing. They were his thought and his thoughts alone and he felt very self-conscious in sharing. His first book, by his own admission was ‘quite dark’. For Martin it is much more than ‘how many copies of his book are sold’. It is more about hoping the people who read it can ‘connect’ and perhaps feel that they are not alone. Knowing that someone else understands their plight. By doing so they may be encouraged to talk about their own issues.
His work these days covers a wide variety of subjects and he has just had his second volume of poems published.

Martin tells us he is already busy putting together ideas for his third book!

Peter Arthur - Teamwork Trust Counseller 

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His first two books are both available from Amazon in ebook form.

‘The Insane Ramblings of an unsane mind’ and

From Brain to Pen and back again