At the heart of Teamwork Trust's enabling programme is a factory floor at each of our three centres, where members get vocational experience, doing everything from assembling and packing to shrink wrapping.

Businesses outsource work to Teamwork Trust, which enables us to offer our members work experience in a factory floor setting. This is a unique opportunity for our members to engage with the world of work and to be supported while gaining valuable vocational experience.

For many of our members this is a real highlight, ensuring everyone feels equally important, valued and respected.

Helen Barber, Centre Manager at Corby: "We encourage members to try new jobs even if they are hesitant to start with. We explain the detail of each job to everyone and sit together, learn together and teach each job a step at a time. We help and support everyone until members find a job they can succeed at and one they enjoy.

"Once our members become confident in one job we often move on to others, to build members' confidence and their skill base. Everyone is so unique and so dfferrent and while people can initially be afraid of failure we make sure we work with all our members - with their strengths and weaknesses - to ensure everyone succeeds."


We are open five days a week and members can access the 'enabling' sessions they need in order to fulfil their personal goals, develop independent living skills and to develop and move forward their aspirations.

To find out more, to arrange a visit or to simply have an informal chat please email [email protected] or telephone one of our Centres. Find all the details HERE.

Find out about our commercial offering and how we work with local and national businesses HERE.