It’s been a long year with very sad events along the way. Everyone has had to cope with different factors, some more than others but we are all riding this storm together.  People do cope differently and at Teamwork Trust they support the community that find it the hardest. By offering classes to support Mental Health & Wellbeing in Mindfulness, Anxiety, Crafting and more, it has found to help with coping strategies.

Imogen & I are taking on a challenge together, looking after our Wellbeing. 
Imogen will complete 1 Million Steps by 21st June 2021. I might not make the Step count by then, but plan on being 2 Stone lighter. 
Hopefully with a little extra Love & Support behind us, we might just make it.  

We are now a family trio taking on this Challenge.  Our awesome Sister/Auntie Anderley has set herself the task of stepping out to lose two stone too.

Please do cheer us on and donate what you can.

Caroline, Imogen & Anderley ........ Amber will be picking up any lost steps from Caroline & Anderley !

Caroline Prior