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Gateway HR have been offering HR and training to businesses for over 10 years, and for the past 4 years we have chosen a charity each year to offer our services free of charge, to support and help local charities.

We've always tried to do a litle something each year to help fundraise for that charity, and in 2018 we've decided to kick start the year in the same way as many, with a resolution to get healthier!

Where as we would normally think about joining a gym, or maybe cutting out the chocolate, we have the added benefit (or maybe detriment when we are feeling lazy) of having a Team GB coach on our side. So what has he set us?

We've got 4 challenges -

1. The Everest Climb – This will involve completing the 29,029 ft climb to the top of the world.

2. The Channel Swim - The shortest swim distance to complete the English Channel swim is 21miles or 33,796m

3. To Row the English Channel – 21 miles (shortest distance) equals 33.8km’s

4. Walk Lands End to John O'Groats 874 miles.

Thankfully he is not making us do them all individually, we are trying to do all 4 as a team in 8 weeks.

 Teamwork Trust is Gateway HR's Charity of the Year

We will pop updates on Social Media, and would love to see our efforts raising some money for a great cause.

Challenge Update .......

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