Thank you for clicking on our Fundraising Page.

We are a group of 16-18 year olds taking part in a National Citizen Service Programme and we have created this page to help out Teamwork Trust.

Teamwork Trust is a charity that supports adults with learning and physical disabilities and mild mental health issues.

The vulnerable adults attend Teamwork Trust to feel safe and welcomed.

We are hosting a Fun Day in Wellingborough Town Centre, at the Market Area Wellingborough-by the-Sea, on Tuesday, Thursday 1st August from 10:00 – 15.30

All money raised will be donated to Teamwork Trust/purchasing a gift.

Your donations will help us to contribute to a local charity and be part of the community and to enable Teamwork to continue to support their Members.

During our Social Action time, we are raising funds for Teamwork Trust in Wellingborough

Alicia   Hannah  Maya  Carmen  

Niamh  Lailah  Phoebe  

Rylee James Kayleigh

Jake  Harry 

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