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Many people suffer from mental health issues within their lifetime. A lot of people rely on charities to get the help they need, however charities such as Teamwork Trust depend upon donations to continue their work. With mental health day approaching SNB North have decided to attempt the 3 peaks, meanwhile SNB Scotland are attempting the Kilt Walk in Glasgow, all to raise money for Teamwork Trust.

On the 10th October it will be World Mental Health Day.  

With this in mind SNB have decided to support a cause that affects so many people in all age brackets.

SNB has 3 locations across the UK and each have decided to complete a walking challenge to raise money.

The Leeds facility are intending to complete the 3 peaks, whilst the Bathgate office will be trying to accomplish the “Kilt Walk” in Glasgow. All the money raised will be donated to the counselling department, allowing people to access the help they need.

SNB Electronic Services LTD SNB Electronic Services LTD