Sophie Bradshaw

I have decided to go sober for 1 year! Yes heard right...1 whole year! October 2018 to October 2019 - Sober October is the perfect time to start!

I am doing this for the purpose of self discovery, to help support my mental health issue and to help others with mental health issues also by raising money for an appropriate charity.

I believe I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and I rely too much on alcohol for many things in life, including using it when I have a 'dark episode'. When I think about it, I find it quite sad that I feel I can't live my life without alcohol!

I know that the mind is a very powerful tool and instead of poisoning it, I need to embrace it and work with it instead of against it. I am hoping that I learn valuable lessons on this journey that can help me support others with a similar story to mine.

....and if that isn't enough I found out recently that I have also been accepted for the London Marathon! I truly believe that this was meant to be! A real big challenge and a massive journey that I hope myself and others benefit from.

My Facebook Page is here SophieIsSober

My Marathon number is 10564, please track me on the day.

Sophie Bradshaw