Harry’s Fund – enabling young adults to access Teamwork Trust’s services sooner 

About Harry’s Fund 

When young adults with learning disabilities and autism transition from child to adult services, the funding puzzle can be a big obstacle. Individuals and their families or carers often find themselves in a confusing process where they cannot access important services as soon as they would like, or they slip through the net altogether. 

Harry’s Fund is a unique bursary system which addresses the funding gap and allows the young person to access Teamwork Trust’s services, while those caring for them are guided through the financial process. (highlight the bit in yellow on the page) The fund will initially support a two-week placement to see if Teamwork Trust meets the needs of the individual, followed by a further six-week placement while longer-term funding (statutory assessment for adult services or private financial support) is arranged. 

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• Who is eligible? • How to apply

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