John Bruce, strategic director

John oversees the strategic direction of Teamwork Trust – the future of the charity. Overcoming the difficult funding challenges faced in the sector while remaining entirely people-centred is his main priority.

“I have always worked in high-level roles for charitable organisations and it continues to be sector I am very passionate about,” said John, who has worked at Teamwork Trust since 2012. “We are proud to operate as a people-led organisation which means that our staff, volunteers, trustees, service-users and stakeholders contribute to decision-making and planning. For that reason, my role is very much about ensuring everyone’s views are heard and building all of that into the planning and implementation. I also oversee the running of our centres through our operations director – ensuring staff levels and making sure everything is as it should be so that we continue to provide a quality service as a charity and that we deliver a best practice approach.”

Building strong links with key stakeholders in adult social care, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and other local and national organisations such as the Mental Health Northants Collaboration (MHNC), and making sure Teamwork meets its statutory obligations as a charity is down to John.

“I attend regular strategic meetings with external organisations and bodies so that Teamwork can influence local health policies. I believe this is an approach which sets us aside from other charities and enables us to secure our future as a sustainable organisation. We actively seek out additional funding streams and partnership work which makes us stronger and I lead this approach alongside my team of directors and staff members.

“The bottom line for me is that I make sure Teamwork’s strategy belongs to the people – it is a big responsibility but one I feel believe in.”