3RS IT Solutions are thrilled to announce we are going on a exciting 12-month journey of challenges and fundraising for Teamwork Trust, and it's all for an incredibly meaningful cause. 

Why are we doing this? Well, because of wonderful people like the team at Teamwork Trust, who make it possible for young adult to have opportunities with additional needs.

Teamwork Trust is all about giving these amazing individuals the same chances, choices, and opportunities as everyone else. We're super passionate about it! That's why we're rolling up our sleeves for this year-long fundraising journey—to ensure we keep providing that much-needed support.

Director Stephen Souch and Services Operations Manager, Ethan Malvern, will be raising money for Teamwork Trust by participating in a series of activities and challenges over the course of the next year – all of which will be decided by a series of online polls 3RS IT Solutions social channels.

Stephen said: “Some people may know that my son is autistic, and The Teamwork Trust does a huge amount to support people with additional needs in Northamptonshire. We want to help them by raising as much money as we possibly can.

“Ethan and I have formed two teams, Team Souch and Team Malvern, but we need help in deciding which challenges we should take part in.”

“While we’re secretly hoping people aren’t too brutal, we will try anything, so we would urge everyone to get online and have their say!”

By joining in on our challenges and contributing, you're becoming a part of something truly special. Together, we're making sure these young adults have the resources and help they need to live life to the fullest.

Remember, every challenge conquered, and every donation made goes directly to supporting The Teamwork Trust and their incredible work. Let us come together, have a blast, and make a difference! 🌈


Challenge 1 - Bake Off ✅ Challenge 2 - 5K Run ✅ Challenge 3 - Obstacle Course ✅ Challenge 4 - 10k Waendel Walk

Teamwork Trust Service User Cullen on work experience with 3RS

Leila Souch