NCS Corby19

NCS Corby19

We are NCS students from Corby and the surrounding area.

NCS Wbro 19


We are NCS students from Wellingborough and the surrounding area.

NCS Summer 19


Our group is from NCS which is a government funded trip for school children aged 15-16. We are trying to make a difference for these people and with your help this can be possible.

Sober Sophie

Sophie Bradshaw

I wanted to raise money for a local charity in particular to support my home town Corby. I wanted to find a charity who supported people with mental health issues (for personal reasons) or people with disabilities in particular. Someone close to me recommended Teamwork Trust because of the excellent mental health support Teamwork provided to this person. I was then thrilled to find out that Teamwork also help people with other disabilities so I felt I found my perfect charity to support.

Kathryn & Andy 25 Years

Andrew Brown

Kathryn & Andy are running the Great North Run to celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Séan's Great North Run 2019

Séan Faulkner

As a member of the counselling team I see first hand what a difference Teamwork has in the local community.