Iain - Art for Wellbeing Teacher

Having hit rock bottom more times than he cares to remember, there have been instances when Iain just didn’t want to carry on. Read more

Linda - Fundraising Organiser

“When I stand up and present to people about my life experiences or when I run fundraising events, I find myself again. It’s in those moments, when I am helping others, that I feel like the person I used to be.” Read more

“I would never have gained paid employment without the support”

Natalie Greaves did not imagine that she would be working at local nursery 18 months ago, in fact she hadn’t even realised just how much she loved working with children before starting the SEMLEP Building Better Opportunities programme. She said: “I had always wanted to work with animals and I even have a dog grooming qualification but when the nursery offered me work experience I couldn’t say no." Read more

“I have big goals I am working towards”

Jonathan Monk has been a Teamwork Trust member for three years. He said: “I really enjoyed thinking about the types of jobs I wanted to do and came up with some ideas to work in a warehouse or as a shop assistant. I have also volunteered at a local hospital too which I liked. I would just like to work as part of a team and feel valued.” Read more

“I want to set up my own business selling theatre props”

Jonathan Reynolds had never seriously thought about pursuing a job that used his natural creative flair. He said: “I wasn’t very confident and used to get really anxious so employment wasn’t something I thought was possible. I love making costumes based on characters from films so when I started thinking about the types of jobs I’d like to do during the programme, I realised I would love to become a prop designer.” Read more