Robert & Sandra Parker

“The satisfaction we get from walking into Teamwork and being greeted by lots of smiling faces is just incredible. we just love our role as Teamwork volunteers – we are making people happy.” Read more

Linda Arneill

"I love knowing that the money I help to raise makes a big difference to Teamwork” Read more

Steve Brown

"I help out on trips and support members on the factory floor whenever I am needed. I find it really rewarding being a volunteer, and it has helped improve my own job prospects too" Read more

Ken Moate

“It’s in my nature to want to help people, which is why volunteering at Teamwork Trust is a real passion of mine" Read more

Counsellor Lisa Robinson

"Being a volunteer counsellor is an extremely rewarding experience, and being part of the Teamwork family is an important part of my life” Read more

Young Volunteer, Martha

"I enjoy every moment I spend with the members – it means so much to have an impact on their lives, even if it’s just a small one. Volunteering is the best thing I ever did” Read more

Kathryn Fantom

“It doesn’t matter how you feel when you step through the doors of Teamwork, it’s impossible not to leave with a smile – and to put smiles on the members’ faces is an absolute privilege" Read more

Kushika Popat

"I love working with people and volunteering at Teamwork gives me a chance to do just that” Read more

Our Teamwork Trustees

We are so lucky to have such dedicated trustees who give up their time for free. Read more

Simon Cox

"I love being part of the Teamwork team and knowing I am a small part of a well-oiled machine” Read more