Arts and Crafts sessions are designed to give learners the skills to design and create a range of different products.  The group selects from a number of ideas at the start of term and each learner creates unique items. 

These sessions are practical and involve different activities such as felt making, wire work, sewing, card making, painting and other craft activities.


  • To understand the process of designing and making an item
  • To be able to follow instructions
  • To be able to use a range of different skills to create different products
  • To increase knowledge of a variety art techniques and processes
  • To improve overall wellbeing

 What our learners say

"I like making things in arts and crafts, I like card making best, I’d love to go to arts and crafts classes everyday"   SH

"Its great fun to use the sewing machine but you have to be very careful"  BL