One of the valued trustees at Teamwork Trust is a local HR professional who says she gets huge satisfaction from knowing she is part of the charity’s fantastic work in the community.

Shirley Marshall, HR Business Partner at RCI’s headquarters in Kettering, joined Teamwork Trust’s board of trustees in 2013. With nine years HR experience and a qualified coach, Shirley has provided valuable HR support to the charity; designing and running employability sessions for members at the three centres, advising on HR related issues and reviewing policies, and assisting with employee focus groups and coaching sessions. She has also worked with the charity’s leadership team on sustainable projects to attract volunteers, as well as advising on the charity’s overall vision and strategy.

“I heard about Teamwork through my Dad who was a volunteer at the charity – he, like so many, was so inspired by the work they do that he is now the Operations Director. I was so excited when I had the chance to get involved and become an official trustee, as I felt I could really add value to the organisation with my HR knowledge,” she said. “Over the years I have been on the board I feel I have been able to make a real difference and my passion has only got stronger. The satisfaction I get from being part of the Teamwork family is huge.”

Shirley, who also has a degree in Linguistic Science, nurtures a strong fundraising relationship between Teamwork and RCI, whose employees have supported the charity with various initiatives such as painting walls and cooking a Christmas dinner for members. RCI also welcomes Teamwork members into the office for work experience placements and to sell products.

Talking about her background and role at RCI, Shirley said, “My first degree is totally unrelated to what I do now and I guess I almost fell into HR when I got a job in an NHS HR department after I graduated in 2007. They sponsored my postgraduate HR qualification and I started working for RCI Europe three years later where I have had amazing opportunities for personal development working for a global organisation. I don’t like to be bored, which is one of the reasons I am so actively involved in Teamwork Trust, and I love how my professional skills and knowledge have expanded over the years. I particularly love how I can now use everything I know to help Teamwork Trust grow.

“I am so proud to advocate for the charity. I love working with the team because they are all so fantastic – I know everyone says that but I truly believe it. Teamwork Trust makes such a huge difference to not only the lives of the members, but everyone else who is involved too; staff, volunteers, trustees or external suppliers. It is the kind of place where you get a buzz after your very first visit. I get the most fantastic sense of pride being able to give something back. I just wish I had even more time to dedicate.”