Enterprise classes allow us to design, make and package things to sell at craft sales.

In the sewing sessions members are able to create a range of different pieces such as bags and cushions. We use lots of fabrics and master a range of stitches, both by hand and machine, to complete our projects.

In our pottery sessions we develop basic skills over a number of weeks, later introducing more complex challenge such as decorations, ornaments, coasters, pots and platters.

In these sessions we also learn about the design process, increasing understanding of our packaging, costing and marketing.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to make a quality saleable product
  • To be able to follow instructions
  • To design our own versions of standard products
  • To understand the importance of packaging
  • To be able to operate machinery safely

What our members say

It is great to make things to sell. CK

I was so proud when I sold a felt purse I had made. I like selling things on the stall. MO

I've learnt all about how much it costs to make things. It is really important if we want to sell things.  AD

I loved designing the packaging.  AS