In between running a retail business and studying for her counselling qualification, Kushika has been giving up her time to support Teamwork’s wellbeing classes.

“I sit in on the sessions and am on hand to help the teacher – handing out leaflets, getting teas and coffees for the participants and helping in any way I can. It’s been a real eye opener into how mental health affects people, and I have learnt so much as a volunteer. It’s so nice to be part of a team, seeing familiar faces when I help out and seeing how people grow and change as part of the services that Teamwork provides. I currently work in retail, but I am hoping to put that to one side soon which will mean I have even more time to volunteer - whether that is on the courses or as a counselling volunteer once I have completed further training. I love working with people and volunteering at Teamwork gives me a chance to do just that.”