At Teamwork we believe that people need to continue to learn new skills and have new experiences throughout their lives

Our Lifelong Learning programmes focus on delivering positive outcomes to the people we support

We are part of the North Northants Framework of post 16 Living and Learning offer, but we are also accessible to people who are funded in other ways or who want an additional top-up of care to fit around the post 16 education offer of college or 6th Form

We work closely with each individual and the team around them, to deliver outcomes focused support.  Our support staff use person centred approaches to set goals, identify and deliver learning, and support, review and record achievements.  Our specialist staff consider what the transition from school and day to day life at home brings to our offer and they support the individual to use the skills gained in each setting.  

We offer a wide range of courses and activities, which help to improve communication, literacy, numeracy and digital skills, through maximising independence, encouraging participation in the community, developing relationships, and maintaining healthy lifestyles whether that be in our supported employment, education or community settings.

We are keen to support each individual to work towards nationally recognised qualifications and to develop the skills for work that can be accredited.  

Our centres at Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough have been going for 40 years, we know a lot about giving excellent service and offering fun activities but we only survived 40 years by changing and adapting our offer to meet the needs of individuals. I n this post pandemic and post Brexit world, things look very different but need to reflect real life and real opportunities for individuals – all of which means what you thought you knew about Teamwork may not be where we are today or where we are being led for tomorrow by our service users who are actively involved in directing and governing our services.  

Come and try a taster day, chat to our service users, staff, teachers and volunteers and see if we can meet your needs. One of our centres is open for visitors on the first Wednesday of each month  - ring Becky on  07399372942 to find out which one and to book a session.

Contact Becky by email ClickBook Your Visit to Teamwork Here