Our Teamwork trustees

Our team of trustees tell us they get a huge amount of satisfaction knowing they are contributing to our work in the community. Between them they provide a wealth of professional expertise from accounting to HR. They also support our fundraising projects and events. We are so lucky to have such dedicated trustees who give up their time for free.

Shirley Marshall, HR Business Partner at RCI’s headquarters in Kettering said:

“I feel I really add value to Teamwork Trust with my HR knowledge, and I am so proud to advocate for the charity. I love working with the team because they are all so fantastic – I know everyone says that, but I truly believe it. Teamwork Trust makes such a huge difference to not only the lives of the members, but everyone else who is involved too; staff, volunteers, trustees or external suppliers. It is the kind of place where you get a buzz after your very first visit. I get the most fantastic sense of pride being able to give something back. I just wish I had even more time to dedicate.”