Our Project Classes include subjects such as history, geography, science and social studies. Topics that have been covered over the last few years range from World War I and Diwali to a study of Roman times, the European Union, science, weather and Chinese New Year.

Learners select a topic which interests them and we study it in detail using literature, performing arts, music, arts, crafts and science experiments before visiting somewhere where we can find out more about the topic. 

Members of our Project Classes have visited behind the scenes in local shops, museums, theatres, council buildings and cinemas as well as going to local nature reserves and visiting places further afield like Duxford and Think Tank. 

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain an understanding of the Multi-cultured world we live in.
  • To increase literacy skills.
  • To build confidence using computers for everyday activities.

What our learners say

“I liked listening to the podcast about War Horse, I read the book in book group as well, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in World War 1.” SK

“We made a weather forecast and it was a YouTube clip, I showed my sister on Facebook.” SC

“I like using the iPad to find out facts and do research.” CK