Broadening horizons – join Teamwork Trust’s programme of speakers

As part of our 40th birthday celebrations Northamptonshire charity Teamwork Trust we appealing for local business and community leaders to pop in and share their stories, experiences and adventures.

Victoria Bell, Teamwork Trust’s Head of Programmes, Health and Social Care, said: “As part of our Broadening Horizons programme we are inviting local people, groups and businesses in to visit us - to meet and talk to our service users about the community we live in, their jobs, or volunteering or even an unusual hobby and interest.”

Recent talks to our service users have been made by RSPCA, mental health charity Mind, Corby Pole Fair and Made With Many. Another highlight was a visit from Northants Fire and Rescue Service, who visited the charity’s Corby and Kettering sites.

Cllr Hakewill, an independent councillor from North Northamptonshire Council, who represents the people of Rothwell and Mawsley, also popped in – chatting to service users about politics, voting and issues affecting the people and communities of Northamptonshire.

Service users have a long wish list of speakers including people with a passion for sport, those working with animals including vets, healthcare organisations and estate agents.

If you are interested in visiting Teamwork Trust and talking to our service users please Contact