11th January 2019: Just one week into her placement at Teamwork Trust is 19-year-old Health and Social Care student Rahma who says she has already learnt so much in a short space of time.

“Being at Teamwork has been a real eye-opener into working with vulnerable adults. Everyone is so capable and welcoming, and it really stands out how much the members have to offer which I wasn’t prepared for. Everyone has such different needs too and I am learning that you have to take a different approach – some do not like to be touched for example where others love to be hugged. Everything I am learning will really help in my future career.”

Rahma works as a part-time healthcare assistant at an elderly care home around her studies – she was given Teamwork as a three-month placement by her tutor at The University of Northampton to widen her experience.

“Dealing with people with mental health needs and learning difficulties is very different to anything I have done in the past and I am really looking forward to the next three months here. I am already planning an activity session which I have to deliver to members as part of my degree and I am hoping to base it around a rare eating disorder. I am gaining more and more confidence every day and I am only one week in. I feel like I have been welcomed into the Teamwork community already.”

Rahma is hoping to become a midwife.