26th April 2021: Teamwork Trust’s three centres have been kitted out with brand new Covid-safe desks in record time as service-users begin to return.

Thanks to the quick turnaround of industrial workbench manufacturer – Bench Master – our autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs have been coming back into Teamwork after four months at home, feeling excited, safe and reassured.

The Manchester-based specialists tailormade a total of 87 stainless steel-topped workbenches with durable plastic screens in just two and a half weeks, and delivered them in giant lorries to our centres in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough – just in time for our gradual reopening.

The benches were redesigned and vigorously tested specifically with autistic adults and learning disabilities in mind – made with without metal supports over the Perspex screens so that there was no break in the vision.

Just a few of the lovely comments from service-users and their families…

“I was really nervous about coming back but seeing the new workbenches made me feel less anxious.”

“I was surprised when I walked in, the place looks amazing.”

“Everyone has worked so hard to make us feel safe. I love having my own personal space.”

Victoria Bell, Head of Development at Teamwork Trust, said: “The safety and happiness of our service-users as we gently reopen our three centres has always been our top priority, and that’s what’s made our big investment in these desks so worthwhile.

“The Bench Master team have been a delight to work with. They created the most amazing, bespoke workspaces for our members to use, and we are all thrilled. Those who were a little nervous coming back into our centres were put at ease with the new Covid-safe layout and workbenches. For some, it was what swayed them to return. We can’t thank Bench Master enough.”

Service-users will be carrying out their daily skill-based tasks, education sessions and activities on their own personal desks, which can be easily cleaned after use.

Andrew Warburton, Marketing Manager at Bench Master added: “This was one of our biggest bespoke projects, it was also a race against time to get such a vast quantity of workbenches made and delivered in a matter of weeks. The whole team rose to the challenge because of who it was for, and they’ve been keen to find out what the reaction was. We are so happy at how well they’ve been received by the service-users. It has definitely been a project that has been close to all of our hearts.”

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