21st June 2019: Digging, weeding, mowing and more – volunteers from global manufacturer, Scott Bader gave the outside space at Teamwork’s Wellingborough centre a makeover.

Ten volunteers including the Wollaston-based company’s CEO, chairman and team leader were among the group of helpers as part of their summer Community Day.

They chose Teamwork Trust as one of the charities and community projects to support, giving up a whole day to help out in whichever way was needed.

Teamwork’s Wellingborough centre manager, Manjula Mistry said: “We love the whole philosophy of Scott Bader as a company and that all their staff are committed to giving back to their local community. We are so very grateful to have been chosen as one of the organisations during their Community Day and the garden space, which hasn’t been tended to in about two years, was the perfect project for them. We’re already planning lots of garden projects with our members now that the ground is ready – so that the area will become a place to be enjoyed.”

Scott Bader’s CEO, Jean-Claude Pierre said: “We believe that businesses are not just here to make money, which is why we as a company dedicate one day of the year to give back to the community. We’ve been offering our experience, skills and energy to worthy local causes like Teamwork Trust, who do a great job helping people with disabilities. The work that Teamwork does is incredible.”

For more information on volunteering opportunities at Teamwork Trust visit: https://www.teamworktrust.co.uk/volunteer-for-us