18th October 2018: Northamptonshire adults with learning and physical disabilities have overcome the odds by achieving recognised qualifications which will help them progress into the workplace. 

Fifteen members from Teamwork Trust’s Kettering centre were awarded certificates in celebration of their achievements in Literacy Functional Skills and Food Hygiene by Councillor James Burton, Mayor of Kettering during a special celebration on Friday 12th October.

Christine Elliott, literacy tutor from Northamptonshire Adult Learning Service supported the members through their 26-week Literacy Functional Skills courses where they achieved either Level 1, 2 or 3 qualifications. She said: “The achievements of these individuals is totally inspiring and to see them participate and flourish has been an absolute pleasure. Some members had not been in any type of formal education environment for many years so it was very daunting for them to even walk into the classroom when we first started. They overcame anxiety and a lack of confidence to achieve qualifications which will be acknowledged by potential employers. These achievements show just how hard they are willing to work and I have been blown away by their willingness to overcome their individual challenges in order to progress their future.”

 Victoria Bell, Head of Development, Teamwork Trust said: “We are very proud of our ethos as a charity to support our members and help them progress into education or employment. These adults have achieved what some might have considered impossible and gained recognised qualifications which will help them in the future. Making a real difference to the lives of our members and helping them reach their full potential is very important to us as a charity, and we are delighted to have seen so many smiling faces at the special celebration.”


The members are now continuing further courses including Numeracy Functional Skills and IT.