27 year-old former history student, Oliver Healey, says it is a privilege to now work as an apprentice for unique Northamptonshire charity and social enterprise, Teamwork Trust.

Oliver found a new passion for Health & Social Care when he overcame his own mental health issues through counselling. First a volunteer and now a Level 3 Health & Social Care apprentice at the charity, Oliver says it was his own life experiences that changed him as a person and gave him a newfound interest in social care.

 “When I first started volunteering at Teamwork Trust in 2016 I was quite nervous and lacked confidence, but I quickly realised the importance of what the charity does for adults with mental health issues and learning disabilities, and realised that I could relate to members because I could understand some of their issues on a personal level.

“I was thrilled when an opportunity for an Apprenticeship came up a year later, it was a change from my previous interests in history, but I knew it was what I wanted to do.

“The Apprenticeship allows me to learn about the theory of Health & Social Care – things like Health & Safety, safeguarding and the role of a social care worker. I am still in my first year but later on in my Apprenticeship we will be learning about autism, dementia and other really interesting topics which will definitely help me in my everyday role at Teamwork Trust, as they are all relatable to members I work with day-to-day.”

Oliver says the best thing about his work at Teamwork Trust is the reward of his role - helping members decide what they want out of their time at the charity’s centres and making sure they have the same chances and choices as everyone else. “It is so hard to say what I love the most because there are many great things about my work. Even on the most challenging days I always come away feeling like I have made a difference, and it is always the challenging days that help you grow as a person. I love how I can now help others the way people helped me when I was struggling.

“I am looking forward to a future working at Teamwork Trust, and I can’t wait to finish my Apprenticeship so that I have even more valuable skills and understanding.”