Teamwork Trust’s fun-packed activity boxes and resources are a special thank you to service-users for the way they have smiled through the challenges of the past 12 months.

Service-users - adults with learning disabilities and mental health conditions - have already been receiving weekly packs as part of the charity’s remote ‘Living & Learning’ programme. These bumper Easter & Spring themed packs are even bigger and crammed with encouraging and uplifting things to do over the next two weeks while the charity’s staff prepare for the centres to reopen.

More than 100 individual boxes will be delivered, containing a ringbound folder with over 70 home-based activities - recipes, fun activities around the changing of the clocks, Easter wordsearches and colouring, April Fools jokes and pranks, treasure hunts and lots more. Each box also has painting, sewing, and other themed crafts including everything required to make a colourful Easter tree, egg cup and decorations. Service-users will also get an extra Easter Egg surprise too.

Victoria Bell, Teamwork’s Head of Development said: “The way our service-users have smiled through COVID is just inspiring. They have overcome so much and stayed so positive the whole way through. These special bumper themed packs are full of activities that will keep them busy, learning and moving on while we prepare to reopen our centres. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back after the Easter break and we can’t wait to see all the happy faces as we deliver these amazing packs over the next few days.”

More on Teamwork’s reopening plans from 12th April HERE.