27th March 2020: To protect our service-users – autistic adults and adults with learning and physical disabilities – during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, our Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough centres will temporarily close, and our essential ‘Living & Learning’ services will be delivered remotely.

We know that our members thrive on routine, and that not having daily contact with their friends and Teamwork Trust staff will be very difficult – continuing our key service in the community, meeting individual needs and delivering a high level of support to our most vulnerable members during these challenging times is our priority.

Our changes include a three-tier support service, regular phone calls and visits, and an online support hub HERE – more details on how it will work are below.

We hope these temporary measures will only be in place for a short period and will continually work with Public Health, Northamptonshire County Council and Northamptonshire Adult Social Services (NASS) during this time. We have set a review date at the end of April.

More details…

Our new temporary support service

Our new three-tier support service has been put together in response to the rapidly developing situation to support service-users (and their families and carers) to stay at home and to ensure that those who need us the most still receive the necessary practical and emotional support and care.

The new ways of working will also mean that our Teamwork Trust staff have less face-to-face contact with service-users – minimising the risk of spreading coronavirus.

We have also made changes to our counselling services too – click HERE for more information.

How will it work?

All service-users will receive regular phone calls and others, with greater risks who live alone or have no support, will receive regular visits to check they are staying happy and healthy, that they have adequate food and to encourage them to stay active.

Useful resources
We are continually pulling together helpful resources and information to help our service-users, carers and families with autistic adults and those with learning and physical disabilities– click HERE for our new online support hub.

The hub will also include information on how to manage your mental health and anxiety during this difficult time.

General advice about COVID-19, self-isolating and hygiene is available from Public Health England and NHS.

Get in touch
Our Teamwork Trust staff will be working very hard over this period to make sure our crucial services continue, and adapting processes as things change. If you have any questions on concerns about these new temporary processes please email: [email protected].