Our Engagement Officers have been out and about delivering essential food and vital supplies to Northamptonshire adults with special needs.

Dozens of 'Bags of Good' have been dropped off to Teamwork’s service-users, so that autistic adults and adults with mental health needs and learning and physical disabilities have the main essentials.

The parcels support Teamwork’s new Covid-19 remote service and have been made up by local social enterprise, Revolution Zero and Shop Zero, who are currently using the charity’s Kettering centre for packing and distribution.

Sarah Gibbs, engagement officer at Teamwork Trust, said: “Some of our service-users have significant additional needs and, because they live alone or with elderly relatives and carers, have been finding it difficult to get hold of food items and supplies.

“It is great that as a charity we are in a position to let the Revolution Zero team use our facilities to pack and distribute the ‘Bags of Good’ to the wider community, and that our service-users have been able to benefit from the scheme.

“We don’t go into anyone’s house, we just drop the bags on the doorstep and say hello from a safe distance. It’s that little bit of extra support in addition to Teamwork’s new remote care services that makes such a big difference to those who are in real need through this period.”

For more information on the ‘Bags of Good’ programme visit their Facebook page HERE.