5th November 2020:

Our engagement officer was beaming after receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers thanking her for the ‘above and beyond’ support she gave one service-user and his family.

The sister of one of our Corby members says she has been overwhelmed by Sarah Gibbs’ persistence and efforts to get her brother into temporary respite living while she renovates a bungalow for them both to live in.

Raphael has brain injuries and learning disabilities, and attends Teamwork’s Corby centre twice a week. He has been living in his sister’s two storey house for six years and has been unable to use the upstairs bathroom and toilet for the last three years due to his disabilities.

Raphael has now moved into temporary accommodation for six months so that his sister can plough ahead with building work on the home she intends for them to eventually share. Raphael’s sister said:

“We would never have got this far were it not for Sarah. The difference she has made in helping my brother and I get our voices heard has been marvellous."

“We have actually needed help for a long time, and it was only because of a passing comment one day when I was picking Raphael up that I even realised Teamwork Trust’s engagement officer could support us. That role has been a life changing – trying to do it all on my own was too stressful.

“Raphael has been living in my lounge, but he is paralysed down one side of his body which means he can’t use the stairs. He wouldn’t have been able to live with me while I renovate the bungalow, but now he has somewhere safe to stay while I get our new home ready.”

Raphael’s sister says Sarah took a massive weight off her shoulders by stepping in. She added: “I handed all permissions over so that Sarah could speak with Northamptonshire Adults Social Services about my brother on my behalf, and she just took over. She made countless phone calls and follow ups, and kept reiterating the urgency given I was about to move out.

“Her persistence meant it was all sorted in five weeks and now I can crack on with what I need to do so that Raphael can come back and live with me – in a place that far more suitable for his needs. I honestly can’t thank Sarah and the wider team enough for going above and beyond. A bunch of flowers was the least I could do – she’s an absolute star.”

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