A donation of Android tablets to Teamwork Trust has given Northamptonshire adults with special needs more independence to adapt to a new digital world.

Teamwork Trust received 10 tablets as part of Good Thing Foundation’s innovative Covid-19 digital inclusion scheme, ‘DevicesDotNow’ in April, and has been helping service-users get to grips with the technology as part of its new mix of hands-on, remote and digital support services.

All loaded with plenty of BT data, the devices not only proved life-changing for some of the charity’s service-users during lockdown, they have since carried on using them to communicate with loved ones, access online courses and qualifications and carry out daily digital tasks like food shopping and emails.

Jenny, who attends Teamwork’s Wellingborough centre and moved care homes during the peak of the pandemic said:

“I have never needed to use a phone, laptop or any device before, but I do now because things are so different. Teamwork helped me learn how to make video calls to my mum and dad and I do that all the time. I like seeing and talking to people on the screen and I can now do it all by myself. I have surprised by how quickly I picked it up and I love it.”

Michael, also a Wellingborough service-user, added: “Getting us all online is the best thing Teamwork could have done. I use my tablet to do simple tasks like checking things online, ordering things I need, and even learning and courses. I find having a tablet keeps us all together when we are actually apart. I don’t feel as isolated and if we go into another lockdown, I am happy that I won’t feel alone.”

Victoria Bell, Head of Development at Teamwork Trust said: “We were all forced to become digital during the coronavirus outbreak, but lots our service-users have previously been excluded from technology, and some had never even had internet access.

“We are thrilled the internet connected tablets from Good Thing Foundation came at a time when we needed them the most, and Teamwork Trust staff have worked hard to help our members learn how to use them so they can continue to stay online. We are so pleased with the wonderful feedback and to have made such a difference at a time of extreme need. Their confidence has skyrocketed.”