New anxiety management course


The number of people suffering from anxiety soared during the pandemic, according to national research. Even as we have emerged from the covid restrictions, anxiety remains prevalent. At Teamwork Trust we arerunning an anxiety course, facilitated by Wayne Oliver, our Wellbeing Education Network Tutor. This course has been co-produced and is co-delivered with the Mental Health Northants Collaboration. Wayne tells us about how the course can help


What can I expect from the course?


The courses run for six weeks, and each week is different to the next. In the first week, you will be given a booklet to explain the structure of the course and information about the techniques you will learn about.


We use a range of teaching methods, from speeches to workshops, and we value every attendees’ opinions. Although we have a set structure for the course, we can adapt to suit each individual and make sure every person gets what they need from the course.


By the end of the course, you should have an insight and be well educated on managing your anxieties and what methods work best for you personally.


What is anxiety?

The NHS sum up anxiety brilliantly: ‘Anxiety is a feeling of unease, like a worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone feels anxious from time to time and it usually passes once the situation is over. It can make our heart race, we might feel sweaty, shaky or short of breath. Anxiety can also cause changes in our behaviour, such as becoming overly careful or avoiding things that trigger anxiety.’


Our course is for people for whom anxiety becomes a problem, can feel more intense or overwhelming, and interfere with our everyday lives and relationships.


What training have you had in mental health?


I worked for many years as a mental health lawyer, working in hospitals with patients detained under the Mental Health Act. I fell ill so had to leave this job, but I started volunteering within the community, going to outreach centres, very similar to Teamwork Trust, and worked with people with learning disabilities and their mental health.


It is a topic I have always been passionate about, and now I am here at Teamwork Trust, and I love that I have the opportunity to help so many people with their mental health now.


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Wayne Oliver