A time capsule has been buried at a new Northampton housing estate so “future residents can see what 2022 was like”.

Our Teamwork Trust service users selected the items to be included in the time capsule, which was buried at the Norwood Quarter development off Sandy Lane in Duston.

Gavin Jones, regional operations director for Miller Homes South Midlands, responsible for the development, said: “It was great to meet some of the Teamwork Trust service users when burying the time capsule; hearing about how the charity has positively impacted their lives was heart-warming."

For four Thursdays in a row our service users have been searching and gathering. We also thought it would be a good idea to have everyone write a little something in a notebook.

Mark: “I really enjoyed burying our treasure.”

Samantha: “I liked cutting out the pictures and enjoyed being part of this.”

Chas: “We watched videos of Blue Peter time capsules to give us ideas for ours.”

Louise: “We talked about Teamwork and looked at old photos to go in the capsule.

Ankur: “We searched to come up with ideas.”

In the time capsule we put a notebook full of messages, a face mask and money, receipts for bread, milk, eggs and stamps and one of our newsletters.

Victoria Bell, our head of learning and development, added: “Our service users were very excited to get involved in the planning of the time capsule contents and the chance to visit a construction site is always an added bonus.

“They are rightfully incredibly proud of everything they achieve at our Teamwork Trust centres and it has been a lovely opportunity to share their achievements with future generations.

“Our service users collected items they think would give future residents an idea as to what life has been like, and we hope that whoever recovers the time capsule in years to come gets an insight into what we were wearing, watching, listening to and talking about in 2022.”