A dedicated Teamwork Trust supporter has gone and smashed her fundraising target for the second time – by running the London Marathon.

34-year-old Sophie McDonald – ‘Sober Sophie’ – started fundraising for Teamwork in October 2018, by pledging to stay alcohol-free for a whole year.

After reaching her initial goal in just three months, Sophie turned her focus to the London Marathon, vouching to have doubled the money by the time she completed the grueling 26-mile run. She has now hit £2,171.

This was one of the biggest challenges ever. I am not a runner and there were times when I didn’t think I had it in me, but stopping was never an option. I just kept thinking about all my hard training, as well as friends and family who have overcome major health issues recently, and of course everyone at Teamwork Trust. That helped me put any discomfort I was feeling into perspective.

Sophie added: "Committing to something like the London Marathon really does make you realise how truly powerful the mind is. I hit the 18-mile wall but stayed focused and somehow even found the urge to sprint finish at the end.”

Teamwork Trust’s Education and Communications Officer, Caroline Prior was there to greet Sophie at the finish line. Sophie added: “My family surprised me too by turning up to cheer me on at the end which was amazing. I had told people not to bother as I knew it would be really busy, but they made the effort and that meant so much. It reminded me why I embarked on this whole journey and it was an emotional moment. When my husband told me I had exceeded the £2,000 mark – I was chuffed to bits.”

Sophie’s finish time was 5.26.38, and she is not planning to stop her fundraising efforts. She will continue to remain sober, and offer a McDonalds delivery service on social media, but she also wants to focus on selling her music and songwriting.

Victoria Bell, Head of Development, Teamwork Trust said: “Sophie is just brilliant. We are in awe of her continued commitment for our charity and everything she has achieved since October. Her latest efforts in the London Marathon have made us so proud and that she has raised so much as a result is just incredible. It goes to show that talking about mental health really does inspire people and her fundraising will help change lives.”

We would also like to say thank you to NTC, Corby for sponsoring the clothing printing.  We think it looked fabulous.

To donate visit https://www.teamworktrust.co.uk/fundraisers/sobersophie

To follow Sophie’s ‘Sober Sophie’ campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @Sophieissober