10th December 2020

Our service-users at Teamwork Trust have received a special thank you for helping Northamptonshire Police deliver their ‘flagship’ crime prevention project in record time.

The county’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold, sent a heartfelt letter to our Teamwork Trust service-users – autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities – thanking them for their support on the £1.4m Safer Streets initiative, and their speedy turnaround of 6,000 security packs in less than two weeks.

Northamptonshire is one of only three Police and Crime Commissioner Offices to receive the Home Office funding aimed at making homes in targeted areas more secure. With time ticking, we were called in to assemble important information leaflets, and free goodies and stickers.

The Safer Streets packs are now being delivered through letterboxes in Wellingborough, Kettering and Northampton.

Stephen said: “The Safer Streets initiative is one of our most substantial targeted crime prevention projects, and thanks to Teamwork Trust members, local residents will be safer and more secure in their homes and communities.

“The flexibility, willingness and focus the service-users demonstrated in supporting us at short notice was admirable. They assisted us in getting out of a tight spot and made sure our all our deadlines remained on course. It was a huge logistical challenge to put the packs together within our timescales and during COVID, but Teamwork Trust did it. We are immensely grateful.”

In addition to the packs, the Safer Streets project includes improvements to CCTV systems in specific areas, alleygating and home security projects for targeted homes.

Teamwork’s project manager, Heather Payne, added: “We have fully functional factory floors at our three centres in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough to provide an outsourced packing and filling services to businesses – it’s all part of the social enterprise and work experience opportunities we give people, and it meant we were already well-equipped to help support this project.

“Our service-users always take great joy and pride in packing and filling, but knowing it is for something so important makes it even better. The autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities we support feel valued members of the community.”

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner says he has been so pleased with Teamwork Trust’s involvement and turnaround, they will be using the charity’s services again for future projects.

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