Three students from Corby Business Academy attended our Teamwork Trust Centre at Corby for an extended work experience placement.
They are all Sixth Form Students at the Academy and are planning the next stage of their Education and Training.
They experienced a range of tasks; sorting, folding and packing bags and sponges.

Ronan is planning to go to Stamford College in September, when he has finished his Sixth Form studies.

I enjoyed the work experience at Teamwork Trust.  Everyone was very friendly and it gave me the confidence to meet new people. The work was good it was fun with people

Jessica is staying on in the Sixth form to have more time to think about her options.

Working at Teamwork Trust was good fun, everyone was friendly and helped us. I was able to do all the work I was given and helped the others as well  

Jessica would like to go back for a second work experience at Teamwork Trust

Chloe wants to go to Stamford College to study animal care.

I enjoyed being at Teamwork Trust.  

The members at Corby enjoyed working with Ronan, Jessica and Chloe.

Helen Centre Manager at Corby said It was good to be able to help and support the students and to see them grow in confidence.